Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More on the Courthouse

A slop job for sure and it reflects the way the commission handles most things that come across their desks. The dome isn't a pretty nor shiny color once completed. Unfortunately we have 5 republican people sitting on the board who are really behaving in a childish partisan way. We need to get democrats on the commission. What can be done to do that? How long does the position last? I have lived here 6 years and don't know!

On Hillary - she is a good attorney with natural common sense. Being an Arkansan for many years it was clear she worked hard for her position.

Many Arkansans felt slighted when she chose to become a NY Senator instead of representing a state she resided in for many years. Perhaps she was looking at the larger electoral numbers - that could reassure her future in the Whitehouse if she ran as president or vice with someone else. Who knows.

On meeting her I think she is a genuine nice person, who care about kids and education as well as other major issues. I think we'll see candidates begin to hold up their hands in the next year or so, making their intentions known... Hillary might be one of them. CJ

Friday, December 02, 2005

More comments

Thanks greengal for the warm welcome. I put this blog together so we could all communicate! We'll get our blog happening soon enough.

Welcome to the Blog demotrue!

I agree with you on O'Cain ...maybe it's because many have become anesthetized to what a true liberal thinker is...Living among very tight laced republican conservatives. I don't know many true Democrats who are not a tiny bit conservative. I mean this in a way that would say we all have our beliefs, and what we think is right or wrong. But to stomp on the rights of a person based on evangelical thinking is WRONG in my opinion.

I knew the minute that Bush had his picks for the Supreme Court in position....They'd romp all over Roe verses Wade. Now, putting my own beliefs about abortion aside, which is hard to do here but I will to make a point. I think it is wrong that a minor in certain situations must get the permission of her parents. Why? Again and only in certain situations..... Should a girl be forced to bear the burden of asking parents, especially if the FATHER of the baby IS her own father, due to rape? Same with a woman, lets say it's her brother. I think any ruling needs to be very distinct. I am against generalized abortion - for the sake of a woman using it as a method of birth control. To me that is wrong, especially when there are methods to keep a woman from getting pregnant to begin with. But I am for a woman's right to choose, especially if her life is at stake . I's hate to see the days of women getting butchered up in some dirty, dark alley abortion clinic and dying from infection again.

Back years ago, a friend of my mothers, had several kids. She loved all dearly and was going to have an eighth, which by her standards was great ( she was Catholic). They found out something was wrong with the baby and caring it full term would kill both mother and child. Because abortion was illegal at any level, they both died, leaving a father and seven grieving kids to morn the loss of their mom.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Signs of painted signs

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving- comment to green Gal! We can only hope the Republicans are moving their office out of Henderson county - but we better wait until the furniture is out before we get too happy! haha!

Welcome to you both Democratic gal and green girl...lets hope to get this blog started.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Democratically Speaking

It's hard living in a state were Republicans rule. I sincerely believe if the election were held today, post Nov 2, 2004. John Kerry and John Edwards as well as local decent Democrats would win by a landslide. What do you think?